Welcome to Reclaim Australia
With your assistance we will make The Land mass known as the
 commonwealth of Australia
the Lucky Country that it should be!!!
The entity Country known as The Commonwealth of Australia is  registered  with the U.S. Securities and exchange commission as a corporation COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (0000805157)

All Law is biblical, and that it represents a Covenant between Man and God which is characterized as divine revelation. when we consider that government is founded exclusively on law, government itself then becomes a religion to implement or execute or enforce divine revelation. when government abuses the authority delegated by God through God's Law, then it also becomes a false religious cult. this makes all western government nothing more than a cult surrounding the false religion it created with its own unjust law because this law has become a vain substitute and an affront to God's Law found in the bible.


Do not lie, cheat and steal,
the “Government”, the banks, the judiciary and the “Australian Tax Office”
hate the competition.